Welcome, what they want to eat?

We bring to the centre of Cádiz the tradition and flavour of the mountain ranges of the Parque Natural de Aracena y Picos de Aroche in Huelva.

 Cumbres Mayores offers a rustic ambience in which to savour the very best of traditional cooking from the region.

Choose from a tasty selection of Spanish hams, cured meats and good wine in relaxed surroundings which enhance all the flavours of the finest food from the sierra.

Morcón, Chorizo, Jamón, Paletilla, Salchicón, Lomo, Lomito...

Cumbres Mayores serves both traditional and interesting, especiality dishes Iberian pork features prominently in our stewed dishes, which include tasty stewed neck of pork, stewed pig’s tongue.

Grilled meats are typical of the region and our selection includes grilled pork entrecots, grilled Iberian fillets of sirloin, grilled pork chops, ‘presa’ and ‘secreto ibérico’ (both of which are thinly sliced succulent fillets of pork).

In addition, we can recommend our finest quality, mouth-watering lamb cutlets, suckling pork and the “gran parrillada cumbreña” (house speciality mixed grill).

In the centre of Cadiz all the flavour of the Sierra of Huelva.

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